Perfect Red Gel Nails for all Occasions in 2022

The perfect red nail polish is like the Holy Grail - always in demand, whatever the season.

At Semilac, we have created a number of different shades of red gel nail polish. Despite this, we often get asked about a ‘truly red’ nail polish colour.

Why do we love red nail polishes so much? Red is a universal, timeless, and ultra-fashionable colour. The red manicure is perfect, both for work and for a special occasion. The key to success is choosing the prettiest red nail polish, and at Semilac we have as many as 30 of these to choose from.

Red nails - Top trend this autumn

Red gel nails will be a definite top trend this autumn, but how did this classic red come to be the star? First, because it gives us the possibility of creating many inspirations and interesting styles. Have you heard of the red ombre? A red ombre manicure will add notes of freshness to your look. The non-obvious, slightly burgundy shade will make you a real sensation, no matter where you will appear. One thing is for sure - each one of your friends will admire the red miracle on your nails. Burgundy ombre nails will be an absolute top trend this autumn with the enthusiasts of Semilac red gel nails who are already starting to recognise its originality. Are you looking for other inspirations for red nails? Not sure what colour to choose? Below we will guide you through a number of our other red gel polishes, which are very popular, too.

Semilac’s red gel polish - the perfect red for you.

Semilac's red gel nail polish is a timeless star, not only in autumn. This classic colour helps women feel more confident and emphasise their charm. Its incredible strength lies in its immortality - red manicure is always appropriate and ‘en vogue’.

The 071 Deep Red is not the only red gel nail polish set from Semilac. Our customers choose a number of our other shades of red gel nail polishes:

  • 027 Intense Red: a gel polish with a shade of dark, deep red.
  • 039 Sexy Red: a vivid, bright red gel polish with a minimal orange tinge
  • 063 Legendary Red: a gel polish with a vivid shade of red, but a bit brighter, warmer and less saturated
  • 134 Red Carpet: a bright shade of red gel polish

Did you know that red gel nails are also perfect for a bride and don't have to be reserved only for brave ladies? Red perfectly contrasts with a white wedding dress, regardless of the shade you choose.

What goes with red nails?

Do red nails go with everything? In our opinion, red gel nails suit everyone and everything. They perfectly combine with business styling; they add femininity to a simple jacket, suit or even a classic white shirt. A wide selection of gel polishes means that you will certainly find your universal shade. Do you like loose clothes? Are jeans and a plain white T-shirt your favourite outfit? Red Semilac gel nails also work in safe styling and allow you to add expression. Nothing emphasises your girly charm as a red accent on your hands. Red nails also add spice to any evening dress - they perfectly contrast with the LBD, and complement the evening outfit in shades of beige, gold and silver. Can red nails be worn with a red dress? This is not a problem at all and allows you to create styling, where red dominates in clothes and on the nails. However, it’s worth choosing the right shade of red, so that the colours of the nails and the dress match each other perfectly.

Do you like red nails but don't want their sparkle to be visible? Choose a matte red gel nail polish. This is a great alternative, if the gloss accent is not for you. Matte red nails can also be combined in styles, by mixing matte with gloss (e.g. gloss on one nail). This makes a truly red expression. Regardless of the clothes you choose - red nails will emphasise your feminine side and bring out an intense accent.