Semilac Nail Polish Fast Dry C230 Brown

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Shade - Brown

Collection - Fast Dry

Size - 7ml

Would you like to have beautiful nails, but sometimes you lack time for a manicure? Choose a fast drying Semilac nail polish.

Quick-drying Semilac Fast Dry varnish is a vegan formula with excellent coverage, intense colour and phenomenal shine. Your way to a manicure in no time!

Nails in a shade of warm, delicate brown are perfect for every day. Such colour will blend in well with any outfit, and in addition, this colour falls into the shade of your favourite cappuccino coffee. This colour is for you!

The nail polish has excellent consistency and a great brush that facilitates an even and precise application of the product, allowing for smooth, shiny nails. The nail polish is also perfect for pedicures.

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