Semilac Starter Set Try Me CUSTOMISED with 36/24W UV LED Lamp

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Color: Custom Colour
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Ready to give me a try? This ultimate gel nail set is made just for you! Featuring three bottles of our best-selling shades in red and nude, plus a shade of your choice! This gorgeous, giftable pack is perfect for you, a friend, or a family member who wants to start out painting gel nails at home like a pro!

This exciting set comes with a powerful UV/LED lamp with an electronic display, motion sensor, that lights up automatically when you place your hand inside, dual led technology, and low-temperature settings – just like painting your nails at a gel nail salon!

Semilac’s ‘Try Me’ Set is ideal for gel nail newbies who want to get started painting gel nails at home without needing to purchase individual products to start their home salon. We make it quick and easy to get started with our pro-style set!

Semilac Step by Step UV Gel Polish application

It is easier than you think!!

The Semilac Try Me Set Includes:
● Lamp bridge UV LED 36/24W
● Semilac Base (3ml)
● Semilac Top (3ml)
● Semilac Colour (7ml – Of Your Choice!)
● Semilac 032 Biscuit (3ml)
● Semilac 231 Girl on Fire (3ml)
● Dust-Free Pads (250 pcs)
● Semilac Acetone (50ml)
● Semilac NailCleaner (50ml)
● This set comes with 1-year guarantee for the UV LED lamp

Customised Colour Options:

•001 Strong White
•002 Delicate French
•003 Sweet Pink
•004 Classic Nude
•028 Classic Wine
•031 Black Diamond
•042 Neon Raspberry
•057 Nude Beige Rose
•039 Sexy Red
•087 Glitter Indigo
•088 Blue Ink
•099 Dark Purple Wine
•103 Elegant Raspberry
•128 Pink Marshmallow
•135 Frappe
•140 Little Stone
•179 Midnight Samba
•181 Spicy Salsa
•370 Sandy Beige
•373 Moderate Burgundy
•405 Bottled Herbs
•406 Blue Tea
•570 Neon Watermelon

If you prefer to choose your own colour, please select the colour option "Custom Colour" and contact us at with the gel polish colour you have chosen.

Not sure what set to choose, watch a comparison of SEMILAC TRY ME and SEMILAC LOVE ME sets

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