Semilac Dotting Tool 01

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Do you like fancy decorations? Then you need to get yourself a need a nail probe! The creative patterns on its basis will allow you to enrich your stylization and make it even more unique! The Semilac Dotting Tool 01 nail probe is purposely designed for the application of precision dots. In order to facilitate their application and perfectly match your vision, the nail probe is double-sided. You decide what diameter the dots created using it are to be!

The probe is mainly intended for applying precision dots. Double-sided ideal for the smallest dots (0.6 and 1.3mm) and for forming French lines.

Nail probe - dot patterns that will delight your company! Wondering what the nail probe is for? Patterns that you create using it will enrich your stylization! The Semilac nail probe is a professional decoration tool that is ideal for designing dots. The double-sided nail probe provides comfort and perfect adjustment to your preferences. Dots? From now on it's a piece of cake for you!

Semilac nail probe - because you focus on the highest quality!

Do you believe nail styling is more than just a successful manicure? Semilac understands this! We believe that hybrid manicure and patterns performed on it are an art form. Talent and tools are important to be an exquisite nail painter! We offer the highest quality nail care and styling products. A Semilac nail probe is a tool that will diversify your manicure!

The double-sided nail probe provides the ability to match the diameter of the dot to the vision of the creator of the manicure. The probe is handy and convenient to use and at the same time looks very aesthetic and elegant! It meets all the requirements to call it a nail art tool necessary in your private set!

Nail probe - how to use
How to use your dotting tool to its full potential? Simple! A nail probe is a tool that lets you spice up your stylization with unique dots. Its double-sided Semilac probe allows you to choose two sizes of painted dots, to give you some variety!

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