Semilac Nail Transfer Foil White Lace 15

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The Semilac White Lace 15 transfer foil is a special, white, lace transfer foil designed for nail art. It is a quick, easy and effective manicure for special occasions, such as a wedding. It is an ideal decoration proposal for any celebration where the appearance of delicate and elegant nails will be appropriate.

The Semilac transfer foil can be applied to the entire nail or create patterns of a specific shape - choose what you prefer.

The white, lace transfer foil fits perfectly with the gel polishes from the WeddiNails collection in fresh shades of pink and peach. Openwork decorations on classic shades of powder pink and nude shades will be a beautiful addition to the wedding manicure, referring to the beautiful lace of a wedding dress

The Semilac transfer foil will work in the hybrid and gel method. To apply it, we recommend using Semilac Transfer Foil Glue, but the foil can also be glued to the hardened layer of gel polish or a classic top (with a dispersion layer).

Foil dimensions:
4 x 80 cm

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