Semilac 427 Jungle of Joy UV Gel Polish 7ml

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In places where there are no paths, you have to make your own! Take confident steps whenever you are – thanks to Jungle of Joy, in a neon, warm turquoise shade with a mint tone. It helps you charge up with positive energy and gives you more power. Even if you are in a place you don’t know, you can feel like you are in paradise. A manicure in a neon, warm, turquoise colour boosts your confidence, so you can support the girls around you in discovering their own paths!

Apply a thin layer of UV gel nail polish over a cured layer of your favourite UV gel base coat (For a more intense colour, apply it over a light base coat such as Fiber Base), then cure using a UV LED lamp. Do not apply the product directly to the nail plate. You can apply two layers of the gel polish to achieve the desired effect. Finish the design by applying and curing your favourite Semilac Top.    

Shade - Blue
Collection - Power Neons
Finish - Neon
Coverage - Full
Size - 7ml

UV LED Lamp 12W - 60 sec
UV LED Lamp 24W/36W - 30 sec
UV LED Lamp 24W/48W - 30 sec
UV LED Diamond Lamp 24W/48W - 30 sec
UV LED Diamond Lamp 36W/54W - 30 sec

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