Semilac 440 Energetic Lime UV Gel Polish 7ml



It is certain that in your company none of the girls will ask for a cup of coffee ... Why? You have an amazing dose of energy that immediately stimulates you to act! Show it on your nails with a juicy shade of warm neon green with a banana note of Energetic Lime!

See how this citrus shade will add freshness to other colors in the collection!

Are you looking for varnishes without HEMA ingredients? We remember about it! Gel polish without Hema, Di-Hema and TPO ingredients.

Shade - Lime
Collection - Even Better Together
Finish - Pastel
Coverage - Semi-transparent
Size - 7ml

UV LED Lamp 12W - 60 sec
UV LED Lamp 24W/36W - 30 sec
UV LED Lamp 24W/48W - 30 sec
UV LED Diamond Lamp 24W/48W - 30 sec
UV LED Diamond Lamp 36W/54W - 30 sec

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