Semilac Top Coat UV Gel Polish 11 ml

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A timeless structure requires a solid foundation and a durable roof. In order to obtain the long-lasting effect and get the best out of the colours, use the highest quality bases and tops.

This is especially important as the base is the only product that comes into contact with the natural nail plate. The top layer, on the other hand, protects the colour and gives the manicure the desired final effect - glossy or matte.

We apply Semilac Top to a properly hardened layer of any Semilac gel polish colour. We try to apply a thin layer of the product, which we always cure in a LED or UV lamp. Since Semilac Top has a dispersion layer, it requires wiping with a Cleaner.

UV LED 12 W lamp - 60 sec.
UV LED 24W / 36 lamp - 30 sec.
UV LED 24W / 48 lamp - 30 sec.
Diamond UV LED 24W / 48 lamp - 30 sec.
Diamond UV LED 36W / 54 lamp - 30 sec.

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