Semilac Beauty Sponge - big



Semilac Beauty Sponge - a special and universal makeup sponge that allows for precise distribution of cosmetics with a liquid consistency: foundations, concealers, bronzers and highlighter. Also great for contouring the face.

The ergonomic and handy shape of the teardrop allows for precise distribution of the cosmetic on the face, but also allows you to reach the more difficult areas of the mouth, e.g. eye corners or nose wings.

With the help of Semilac Beauty Sponge, you can create beautiful make-up styles without the masking effect.

Thanks to our sponges, professional makeup can be created every day without worrying about stains. Their dense and soft structure that does not absorb the cosmetic, allows for a pleasant application overall.

Semilac sponges have a fashionable pink colour and come in a closed tube, where they can easily be stored after each use.

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