Semilac Canola Defense Hand Cream 250ml



A protective hand cream that provides long-lasting hydration and helps protect against harmful external factors. The efficient and at the same time light formula containing, among others, urea moisturizes the skin by dressing it in a satin effect, without feeling sticky. The specially developed formula leaves a protective barrier on the skin with a captivating scent of lily, jasmine, apple, peach, freesia, violets and sandalwood.

Protective hand cream - invisible glove and satin care power
Dry, cracked hands, their itching and unsightly appearance - we often struggle with these problems in autumn and winter, when the wind and low temperature do not spare delicate skin. Then protective hand cream must enter the action. Some, however, will observe overdrying also in spring and summer, when the hands are exposed to prolonged sunlight. Is there a proven way for proper care throughout the year? A good hand protection cream! Luckily we have it on offer.

Semilac hand cream - intensive action, immediate relief
Semilac hand cream is filled with ingredients that deeply and lastingly moisturize the skin. The light formula means that the hand cream is quickly absorbed, leaving a satin glove on the surface, which is a protective layer against external factors.

Immediately after application, Semilac hand cream will give you a sense of comfort and pleasure from the captivating smell. You will feel the causative power in your hands! Use daily without restrictions and enjoy their well-groomed appearance.

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