Semilac Canola Defense Hand Cream 50ml



A protective hand cream that provides long-lasting hydration and helps protect against harmful external factors. The efficient and at the same time light formula containing, among others, urea moisturizes the skin by dressing it in a satin effect, without feeling sticky. The specially developed formula leaves a protective barrier on the skin with a captivating scent of lily, jasmine, apple, peach, freesia, violets and sandalwood.

Protective hand cream - and they are not afraid of winter!
Protective hand cream is a barrier against harmful external factors. Especially when it is freezing cold and wind outside, it is worth taking care of good hand cream for the winter. Thanks to this, the delicate skin will not dry out. Before going on a chill, also equip yourself with warm gloves - this is your well-coordinated set for your hands!

The best hand cream and daily care - a recipe for beautiful hands
Hands are our business card. If you do not want to stress when someone looks at yours - take care of their manicured appearance. We have a proven way to do it! Reach for the best hand cream - you can opt for deep regeneration, moisturizing, protective layer or nourishing hand serum. Whatever your choice, your hands will be grateful to you.

It is worth knowing, however, that even the best hand cream will not do the job if you do not take care of good habits! Do not expose delicate hand skin to detergents, also moisten them after each wash and before going to bed. You will see that in the morning you will fall in love with the manicured appearance of your hands!

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