Semilac Colloidal Gold Hand Cream 250ml

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Hand cream with a unique formula rich in colloidal gold and provitamin B5, which soothe irritations and promote regeneration. In addition, we have saturated it with ingredients of intensely moisturizing (including urea, glycerin and wheat amino acids) and smoothing agents that will soothe even very chapped skin. The efficient formula and light texture ensure easy and quick absorption. The cream with the scent of lotus, lily, pomegranate and sandalwood leaves a pleasantly satin effect on your hands, which is also a protective barrier for delicate skin.

Capacity: 250 ml

Regenerating hand cream Semilac - get to know it better

The regenerating hand cream Semilac is a friend of dry and rough hands that require immediate regeneration. Perfectly composed, light formula is quickly absorbed and remains on the surface of the skin a satin layer that surrounds the hands with the power of care and a compelling smell. It's your comfort and pleasant pampering, which guarantees the regenerating Semilac hand cream.

Frequent hand washing, frost and wind or detergents used can have a negative effect on the delicate skin of the hands. For this reason, winter hand cream should always be on the tip of the hand. Semilac hand cream is available in a comfortable 50 ml tube - it will definitely fit in your bag!

In addition, you can invite hand cream with a Semilac pump to your home or workplace. Use it after washing your hands when you feel like it and of course in the evening, just before saying good night! Thanks to this, in the morning the skin of your hands will get rested, beautiful and regenerated. And fragrant. Nice right?

However, remember that even the best hand cream is a dot over the "and" care - take care of your hands while performing your business and home duties. Wear rubber gloves, and when the wind is blowing outside - reach for colourful and frivolous woollen gloves. Your hands like them!

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