Semilac Dotting Tool 02



Your hybrid manicure will not only impress with its beautiful and durable colour but also with its sophisticated designs! Semilac hybrid varnishes can be applied using professional tools. For example, the Semilac Dotting Tool 02 nail probe, which allows you to create perfect dots that can be an interesting decoration in themselves - or be the basis for more complicated decorations! The double-sided probe - gives the possibility to choose the right diameter of dots.

The probe is mainly intended for applying precision dots. Equally double-sided, it is suitable for both medium and large dots, as well as the application of decorations.

Nail probe - dotted painted designs! Do you love rich nail art? Do you value precision and professionalism? Then you'll need a nail probe! Patterns created on the basis of this Semilac tool are refined to perfection! The Semilac Dotting Tool 02 double-sided probe will allow you to perfectly match the diameter of the dots to your artistic desires. Comfortable and easy to use - it will quickly become your favourite nail art tool!
Nail probe - how to use
Perhaps you are wondering, What is a nail probe? or How do I use this nail art accessory? Semilac always pays great attention to their products, making sure they are made with the highest quality, and comfort of use. For this reason, the Semilac Dotting Tool 02 nail probe is extremely convenient and practical!

The nail probe will allow you to create beautiful dots that can be combined into patterns, treated as a base for more complex decorations or simply to stay in a simple form. Semilac guarantees that the designs made using this tool will be beautiful and very precise. The Semilac double-sided probe allows you to choose the most suitable diameter for your dots.

Semilac nail probe - and period!

Are you interested in a nail probe? Semilac offers top quality products, thanks to which you will always be able to create impeccable nail designs, astonishing your friends and customers! The double-sided nail probe Semilac Dotting Tool 02 will magically transfer the perfect dots to your painted nails! Semilac hybrid varnish will guarantee durability and shine!

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