Semilac Even Better Together Collection

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Do you know how much power women have? Do you appreciate yourself and the women around you every day? The Even Better Together line is our message
that IT’S WORTH: let’s WElcome our valUes – because by being good to ourselves, we have the power to be kind and good to others. And if we stay together, we have more
This power is the support you receive from your mum, sister, friend, or colleague at important moments when you burst out laughing at a funny story about a failed date or wrap yourself in the warmth of compliments when you need to hear something nice... in the sisterly circle, you can be yourself, hear what is beautiful in you and have a chance to see your best qualities.
The Even Better Together gel polish line is a story about a woman’s unique qualities. Appreciate their power by creating colourful nail art. Let the whole world see extraordinary female power!

Kit contents:

  • 433 Supporting Orange
  • 434 Optimistic Red
  • 435 Friendly Magenta
  • 436 Powerful Burgundy
  • 437 Warm Raspberry
  • 438 Calm Lavender
  • 439 Strong Turquoise
  • 440 Energetic Lime

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