Semilac Eyebrow Gel Mascara Lady Brows Stone Grey 01



The correct shape and underlining of the eyebrows is an important element of makeup. Properly accented they can change the expression on our face and give makeup character. But what if your eyebrows cause problems or don't look exactly like you would like?
Take care of proper care and highlight the eyebrows with Semilac Lady Brows gel mascara. It will sharpen your look and give you confidence!

Semilac Lady Brows 01 Stone Gray eyebrow mascara is a subtle grey, wrapped in beige shade product. It is characterized by a light shade, hence it will be perfect for women whose hair is blond. If you have had a problem with underlining your eyebrows so far, then shade 01 Stone Gray will meet your requirements.
The light formula will make it easy to highlight your eyebrows. A delicate colour will complement the shape and give expression to the entire face. Emphasize the eyebrows of Semilac Lady Brows to sharpen your look. You can not forget about it in everyday makeup!

The special gel consistency does not burden the hair, maintaining a feeling of lightness. The application is also facilitated by a small brush, which means that our new product will also meet the expectations of people who are just starting their adventure with highlighting eyebrows. The paraffin we have added to Semilac Lady Brows protects against external factors and extends the durability of the cosmetic.

Capacity: 3 ml

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