Semilac Foundation Cover 50 Golden Tan



Perfectly covering matte Semilac foundation in golden brown spiced with a drop of caramel. This is an offer for owners of darker complexion. Semilac Foundation will blend in with the skin's environment, guaranteeing its durable and naturally beautiful appearance with a pleasant feeling of comfort - throughout the day.

Thanks to the innovative formula, immediately after application you get a flawless skin surface, without imperfections. Ingredients regulating sebum secretion will ensure a lasting discrete matt effect. Forget about lighting up or moving the foundation. From now on, your makeup will look like just after application throughout the day!

Semilac coverage foundation is the best way to highlight your natural beauty.

The foundation is suitable for all skin types.

The essence of uniqueness:
- Excellent coverage and outstanding durability
- Perfect, natural complexion without a masking effect
- The product does not seep into pores and wrinkles
- Very efficient - only a small amount is required for full face application
- Elegant glass bottle with a capacity of 30 ml with a dispenser in pump form

Foundation - reach for the best for yourself!
A good foundation requires a perfect match to your preferences. Before reaching for a specific foundation for the face, you should first understand what your complexion type is, what expectations should the perfect foundation have and what colour should it be. You can remove one of the previous questions from your list - Semilac coverage foundation is perfectly suited to all skin types!
Semilac face foundation - what can you expect from it?
Is your dream foundation one that provides a good amount of coverage, long-lasting and leaves a naturally matte effect? Then we have it! Semilac Foundation is a creamy consistency of an innovative product that will provide a velvety finish to the skin, without glistening. As a result, your skin will enjoy a natural look that will last for hours.
Our covering foundation will even out your skin tone, fill wrinkles, and additionally nourish your skin, providing it with a flawless appearance and comfort elasticity - all day long!
The foundation likes good company!
Do you have a foundation that is perfectly matched to your complexion and skin colour, but the final make-up effect is not satisfactory? We have some tips for you that can positively help you out! Remember that foundation likes good company, and by this, we mean taking good care of your skin before applying it. Choose a cream dedicated to your skin. You can also reach for a special primer base.
You can additionally fix the applied foundation by applying a thin layer of loose transparent powder on it. If your complexion is mixed or oily, take care especially of the T zone. If you use a concealing-matting foundation, skip the matt pressed powder - the obtained effect can be artificial and negatively affect the condition of your skin.

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