Semilac Magnetic Pen For a Cat Eye Effect



The Cat Eye Pen from the Semilac offer is a convenient tool for performing gentler stylizations with the help of the Semilac Cat Eye line products. The device resembles a classic pen, but its tip is equipped with a thin magnet that will allow you to create precise decorations on your nails.

The cat eye effect is achieved by attracting particles contained in the product with a magnet. For this purpose, we can use a magnet in a pen or spatula.

The magnet in the pen is more delicate, allowing the creation of more complicated, complex patterns on the nails. This is possible due to the small surface of the magnet, which is also characterized by weaker attraction than in the blade. This allows you to create stylizations without simultaneously downloading decorations with the Cat Eye effect created earlier.

The pen for the cat's eye should be held over the nail art longer than the shoulder blade - the recommended time (depending on the decoration) is from a few to several seconds.

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