Semilac Manicure Easy Decor Gel White 5ml

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Semilac Manicure Easy Decor Gel is a universal product perfect for fashionable home decorations. Due to the appropriately dense consistency (it does not spread but is smooth in handling, which ensures fast work) and strong pigmentation, it allows you to create a variety of decorations of all levels of difficulty. You can use it to make the smallest details, painted French, baby boomer and geometric decorations. It is perfect for flower techniques or the sugar effect technique. It also works well for wedding decorations, beautiful ornaments and phenomenal lace.

- snow-white colour
- medium-thick consistency
- self-levelling
- no dispersion layer

Curing Time:
UV LED 24 W lamp - 60 sec.
Lamp UV LED 36 W - 30 sec.
Lamp UV LED 48/24 W - 30-60 sec.
UV lamp 36 W - 120 sec.

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