Semilac Matt Lipstick 133 Tutti Frutti



An intense and long-lasting coral pink that will surround your lips with a pleasant velvet mat.

Matte coral lipstick - in a tasty setting!

This coral matte lipstick from the Semilac offer is a very tasty proposition that will meet the interest of fans of the classics! Coral pink is a safe solution that will provide a delicate effect. Semilac Matt Lips Tutti Frutti 133 lipstick is a very universal colour that will not be too conspicuous. If you care about spring and light makeup - this Semilac matte lipstick will be perfect!

Matte lipsticks - start with care!

Matte lipsticks are a fashionable way for beautiful lips. In our offer, you will find Semilac lipsticks in colours matching the most legendary hybrid varnishes! Like them, Semilac matte lipsticks are ultra-persistence that ordinary lipsticks and lip glosses can only dream of!

When you choose matte lipsticks, however, you need to properly care for your lips. Only then will the effect be spectacular! Remember to moisturize your lips - without restrictions. If they are very dry, you can treat them to home SPA! You can apply matte lipsticks and enjoy the velor effect on such treated lips!

Semilac matte lipsticks - for whom?

Semilac matte lipsticks are dedicated to self-conscious women who want to emphasize beauty with the most fashionable colours! And they also value the incredible durability of the make-up. Semilac lipsticks guarantee full control over the appearance of your lips - from morning to evening!

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