Semilac Nail Polish Fast Dry C225 Beige



Shade - Beige

Collection - Fast Dry

Size - 7ml

Do you belong to those women who like to change their nail colour often, but at the same time you want a quick result? We have a product just for you.

Quick-drying Semilac Fast Dry nail polish provides excellent coverage, intense colour and phenomenal shine. The perfect way to get a manicure in the blink of an eye!
A shade of sweet beige on the nails is a choice not only for fans of warm colours. This charming nude colour will complement any style and emphasize the appearance of well-groomed nails. This shade is so universal that it will suit everyone - without exception.

The nail polish has a great brush that facilitates an even and precise application of the product, allowing for smooth, shiny nails.

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