Semilac Nail Polish Fast Dry C530 Red

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Shade - Red

Collection - Fast Dry

Size - 7ml

Sometimes each of us has a day when we need a quick change to improve our mood. How to do it at an express pace? Just paint your nails with Semilac quick-drying varnish.

Quick-drying Semilac Fast Dry nail polish is an intense colour and phenomenal shine that you can have in an instant! The varnish will be great for all women who want a really fast effect of well-groomed nails.

The best term for this colour is fiery red. Varnish in this colour should have every woman. Emphasizes the effect of well-groomed nails and adds an extremely charming charm.

The nail polish has a vegan formula and perfect texture that is easily spread over the nails. The nail polish is also perfect for pedicures.

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