Semilac Nail Polish Fast Dry C940 Mint



Shade - Mint

Collection - Fast Dry

Size - 7ml

You are preparing coffee with your friends, but you still have some time to leave. You look at your nails and remember that you forgot to paint them. What to do? Reach for the Semilac varnish with a quick-drying formula!

Quick-drying Semilac Fast Dry nail polish is a vegan formula, beautiful colour and gloss. The perfect solution when you need a quick effect of well-groomed nails.

Every admirer of greenery should treat yourself to nails in this lovely mint colour. A warm shade of slightly whitened mint colour is a perfect solution not only for holidays or summer. Set mint with white or glitter, and this combination will be great for any dress with a floral motif.

The nail polish has a perfect consistency that is easy to spread on the nails. A beautiful shade of this varnish will also suit pedicures.

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