Semilac One Step Hybrid Gel Polish Starter Set CUSTOMISED with 12W Lamp

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One step to falling in love with a gel manicure with a Semilac starter kit! Do you dream of a beautiful manicure and well-groomed nails, but you have never tried a gel polish manicure? You've come to the right place! The ready starter kit contains all the necessary products to create a manicure that will make you feel great for many days and will allow you to fall in love with the gel polish. All this is due to the revolutionary Semilac One Step Hybrid Gel Polish- a gel polish that does not require the use of a base and top. Thanks to this, creating your first manicure will be quick, easy and fun.

What you'll love One Step Gel Polish for:
- for the 3in1 formula: base, color and top in one bottle!
- quick and easy to make a manicure
- beautiful colour and shine
- vegan formula
- saving time and money

Especially for you, we have created a ready starter kit with Semilac One Step Gel Polish, in which you can decide for yourself in what colour you will take the first step to love the hybrid gel polish. You can choose from over 20 top colors from Semilac.

The set includes:
Semilac UV LED 12W lamp - a handy little lamp that you can easily take to a meeting with girls!
One Step Gel Polish in a bottle - any colour you choose. Decide for yourself!
Semilac Nail Cleaner 50 ml - one liquid two applications: it will prepare the plate before applying the gel polish and remove the sticky layer at the end of manicure.
Semilac Oil for cuticles and nails Manicure Oil 7ml - cuticle oil full of vegetable oils, which not only smell wonderful but above all nourishes the cuticles and gives the manicure glow.
Semilac Mini Polisher 100/180 - smooths the nail plate before applying the gel polish, ensuring an even and smooth surface.

Before use, read the instructions included in the package. The correct application of the product is the key to beautiful manicure.

STEP 1 - Shape the nails and buff the nail plate, degrease the nails with Semilac Nail Cleaner.
STEP 2 - Paint the nails with a thin layer of One Step Hybrid gel polish, do not forget about the edge, i.e. the free edge.
STEP 3 - Cure in the lamp. Repeat steps 2 and 3, applying thicker layers until the coverage is satisfactory.
STEP 4 - Wipe the nails with a cotton pad soaked in Semilac Nail Cleaner.
STEP 5 - Polish your nails with a cuticle oil or 4000-grade nail buffer for a beautiful and shiny manicure.

STEP 1 Gently file the top layer of the manicure using a polishing block or a 100/180 straight file.
STEP 2 - Soak Semilac Remover Wraps with Acetone or Semilac Remover liquid.
STEP 3 - Wrap each finger tightly with foil and wait about 10-15 minutes.
STEP 4 - Remove the foil. Remove the softened gel very gently with a wooden stick. In the case of gel polish residues, repeat this step.
STEP 5 - Even out the surface of the nail plate with a Semilac polishing block. Time for a new manicure!

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