Semilac SemiArt UV Gel - 001 Black



Semi Art - a series of highly pigmented gels for Nail Art. Due to the very strong saturation of the color, we do not recommend using it alone.

We recommend that you combine them with auxiliary products: gel polishes, colour gels, White Cream Art paste, or Semi Hardi.

By combining with one of these products, we get the consistency of acrylic or watercolor paint.

After mixing with Semi Hardi, they turn out to be perfect for making stained glass on nails and "Color clear" type nails, ie with the effect of colored glass.

By mixing Semi Art with White Cream Art, we get a product perfect for shading, flower making, etc.

The product is very efficient in use. You can work with the minimum amount.

UV LED 12 W lamp - 60 sec.
UV LED 24W / 36 lamp - 30 sec.
UV LED 24W / 48 lamp - 30 sec.
Diamond UV LED 24W / 48 lamp - 30 sec.
Diamond UV LED 36W / 54 lamp - 30 sec

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