Semilac UV Gel Expert White Cream Art 5ml

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The best-selling gel for decorations. The consistency resembling a thick cream allows you to achieve amazing results in the field of nail art.

It has a very high pigmentation.
For use alone or in combination with a coloured gel or hybrid varnish. It facilitates the creation of complex gel ornaments. Intended, among others for topcoat application.

Semilac gels - a synonym of great durability and design possibilities. Do you want extended nails in impressive colours? Reach for a proven product, recommended by users around the world!

Curing Time:
does not cure in a 3W LED lamp
does not cure in a 6W LED lamp
does not cure in a 9W LED lamp
UV LED 24 W lamp - 60 sec.
Lamp UV LED 36 W - 30 sec.
Lamp UV LED 48/24 W - 30 sec.
UV lamp 36 W - 120 sec.

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