Semilac UV LED Lamp 54/36W Diamond Collection

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  • REMEMBER: Always clean your equipment after every use/client. It will keep the UV/LED nail lamp working smoothly.

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Features of the lamp:
- 4 curing modes with aesthetic diamond-shaped buttons:
* 10 seconds and 36W / 54 operating mode
* 30 seconds
* 60 seconds
* 90 seconds (Low Heat Mode)
- Low Heat Mode - the lamp gradually increases its power, thus minimising the risk of heat spikes or wrinkling of the gel polish.
- Dual led technology that combines two types of light (365 nm + 405 nm), thanks to which the lamp reliably, quickly, and evenly cures all products.
- Double power mode - allows you to independently increase the light output.
- Digital display - a large electronic display that shows the time remaining until the end of curing. In H90 mode, the active operating hours counter is displayed.
- Motion sensor - the lamp automatically turns on when you insert your hand.
- The modern diamond shape and size allows you to put your whole hand into the lamp, and the detachable bottom makes cleaning easier and is perfect for pedicure.
- Very quiet operation of the device.
- 39 LEDs. High performance: 50,000 operating hours. No need to replace bulbs.
- 12 months warranty.

Professional UV LED lamp with a unique diamond shape, with a digital display for easy work. Cures all gel polishes, Semilac acrylic gels and gels as well as other products that require curing with UV LED light. The lamp has four curing time modes: 10, 30, 60, and 90 seconds. Additionally, it is equipped with a motion sensor with an automatic switch (active after pressing the button once). The device has a built-in fan, which is very quiet. The lamp will work in every beauty salon, both for manicure and pedicure treatments, and it will also be an ideal purchase for all people starting their adventure with the gel polish manicure.

Contents of the package:
Semilac UV LED lamp (x1)
Power supply for the UV LED Semilac lamp (x1)
Operation manual (x1)

Weight: 0.68 kg
UV wavelength: 365 nm + 405 nm
Dimensions: 230 x 195.5 x 105 mm
Input voltage: 200-240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Output voltage: 24 VDC / 1.5 A
Power: max. 36W

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