Semilac Winter Shimmer Collection

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It’s getting dark. You look outside through a frosted window, trying to tell whether the first snow has already fallen. You wonder if you have to clear your snowy driveway, scrape frost off your car windows or struggle to start the engine in the car. Ah, winter is the most wonderful season, isn’t it? In Semilac, we think exactly the same! That is why we’ve
decided to dedicate our latest Winter Shimmer collection to the best season – winter the queen. We offer cold shades of grey, icy shades of beige and brown, along with frosty sea-blue tones – all covered with sparkling glitter. It’s much cosier that way, isn’t it?

Kit contents:

  • 323 Ice Mint
  • 324 Sea Blue
  • 325 Frosty Carbon
  • 326 Foggy Grey
  • 327 Warm Cinnamon
  • 328 Chilled Beige
  • 338 Cozy Grey

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