Why you need a nail primer

We’re all well used to using a primer to perfect the look of our makeup. But what about when it comes to painting our nails?

Are you guilty of assuming applying a base coat is enough?

Here the nail pros at Semilac Shop take a closer look at why nail primers are recommended, what benefits they offer and how using one could help you to achieve a longer lasting, more beautiful manicure.


What exactly is a nail primer?

In much the same way as a face primer preps the skin ready to apply foundation for a longer lasting more flawless finish, a nail primer is used at the start of a manicure to ‘prime’ the nail.

Essentially, they work by removing any oils and grease from the nail plate to ensure that your base coat or gel colour sticks properly, helping to significantly extend the life of your manicure.


Why use a nail primer?

Who doesn’t want their manicure to stay looking great for longer?

If you regularly suffer from chips, lifting or peeling, then using a nail primer could be the missing link in your manicure routine. By degreasing the nail plate, a primer helps to increase the bond between the gel polish and the nail, resulting in a more hardwearing, longer lasting, finish.

Remember to team with a base coat for added durability and protection.  


What type of nail primers are there?

The most common types of nail primers include:

  • Acid-free primer – as these primers don’t contain acid, they are less harsh yet still offer an excellent bond to the natural nail.
  • Acid primer – recommended for anyone who suffers from particularly troublesome nails that struggle with adhesion. Due to their strength, acid-based primers are not recommended for weak or sensitive nails.
  • Vitamin primer - at the Semilac Shop, we’ve added a new vitamin primer to our collection too. Caring for even the most problematic of nail bed, this acid free primer is enriched with vitamin E – making it great for dry nail beds.


How do you apply a nail primer?

Most primers come like a polish, with a handy brush for easy application.

They should always be applied first, and the key is to use sparingly. Apply small drops and avoid contact with the cuticles or shafts around the nails (please note, that due to the strength of acid-based primers, extra care should be taken to prevent the product from coming into contact with any other areas of the nail).

Nail primers will air dry in just a few minutes – don’t cure with a lamp.


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