Semilac is a leading brand of high-quality cosmetics, dedicated to nails. Specializing in long-lasting Gel Polish, Semilac offers the latest construction methods, that are practical and fast. Semilac’s product range is developed specifically to the needs of their clients, even for those with the most problematic nails.
We are passionate about the world of colours, and we think about them 24/7. Our love for colour led us to design a beautiful and unique range of almost 300 shades! We have been inspired by colours around the world, and are always open to suggestions from our clients whose constant commitment motivates us to keep adding to our gel polish lines!

The Semilac brand is synonymous with youthful energy, vibrance and making a statement! Furthermore, Semilac is well- known for providing durable, and strong nail products for all.

Are you keen to start your adventure with gel polish nails? Then the Semilac gel polish system is the answer for you! The Semilac Gel Polish manicure is an excellent solution for women who value their time and still want to achieve an elegant look.

Why choose SEMILAC Gel Polish Manicure?

 Up to 21 days of durability

 A wide range of colours and new collections 

 Most innovative Gel Polish solutions! For example our Extend 5-in-1 gel polish range

Long-lasting gloss that doesn’t lose its shine

 Resistance to mechanical damage

The opportunity to create unique nail designs

The chance to grow long and beautiful nails

Who is the SEMILAC Hybrid gel polish manicure for whom?

For Nail artists who want to make high-quality gel polish manicures

For ladies who want to enjoy a long lasting manicure

For those who love comfort when doing a gel polish manicure

 For those who want to look trendy

For those who want to look trendy & who like a proven solution!

Still not sure ? Perhaps this will convince you!

 Perfect consistency 

♥ Easy application, no chipping & fast curing

Deep & nourishing colour

♥ Dermatologist tested

♥ Safe shopping at and fast delivery

♥ Loved in 30 countries

♥ Safety certificates

♥ Best STARTER SETS for beginners!