Semilac Quick Shine Nail Polisher Four-Sided

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The four-sided nail polisher has three levels of finish on the natural nail plate. It gives them a perfect shine for up to 10 days, without the need to use a polishing gel polish.

By using different gradations, each side of the polisher gives different effects: gentle alignment of the nail surface, smoothing and shining nails. After just a few seconds of polishing, the nail plate becomes extremely smooth and shiny, and the effect of shiny nails lasts up to 10 days.

STEP 1- use the gray side, which will gently mattify and even out the nail plate (gradation 400)
STEP 2- use the green side which will smooth and polish the plate (gradation 400)
STEP 3- use the white side for a perfect gloss (4000 gradation)

The polisher is soft and handy, which gives great comfort. During work, it is in contact with the entire surface of the plate all the time - this allows for a quick and effective natural manicure.

White pages (4000 gradation) are also great for polishing Semilac One Step Hybrid or Semilac Extend 5in1 gel polish.

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