Advice for beginner users:

1. Did you know that when degreasing the nail plate with a cotton pad soaked in Nail Cleaner, you should not touch the cuticles? This way, you won't grease the nails with sebum. 
2. Remember to protect the free edge of the nail when applying each layer (base, colour, and top coat). Make sure no excess product accumulates at the end of the nail. If it happens, gently brush off the excess with a clean brush.
3. If you feel a slight burning sensation during the curing of the base or gel, don't worry! It's a natural effect of the polymerization process, which involves a change of state. When transitioning from liquid to solid state, heat is released, and the nail may experience a strong burning sensation. You can momentarily stop this process by pulling your hand out of the lamp, but remember to maintain the recommended curing time for the product.
4. Remember to apply thin layers of nail polish. Otherwise, only the top layer will cure, and the product inside will remain liquid, resulting in an unsightly wrinkled effect in the styling.
5. It's crucial to position your hands correctly under the lamp. Ensure that all fingers, including the thumbs, receive sufficient light exposure.
6. Did you know that Cuticle Remover allows you to gently remove excess cuticles around the nails without any invasive procedures? Its special formula softens hardened skin to improve the comfort and precision of the treatment.
7. For longer-lasting manicures, apply Primer directly to the degreased nail plate, wait for it to evaporate (for acid Primer), and then apply your favourite base coat. Primer acts like a double-sided tape, enhancing the adhesion of the base coat to the natural nail plate. As a beginner, we recommend trying the vitamin Primer.
8. Did you know that Semilac Extend 5 in 1 gel polish combines 5 desirable properties in one product? It serves as a base coat, colour, and top coat, and it also allows for building and extending the nail plate up to 1 cm!
9. The Semilac Protect & Care base coat promotes the regeneration and strengthens the entire nail. It also allows for building and extending the nail plate. Enriched with proteins, tea tree oil, diamond dust, biotin, and glycerin.
10. Semilac Fiber Base is a highly durable base with nylon fibres, perfect for supporting fragile nails.
11. Pedicure Base has been specially created for painting toenails. Its formula is enriched with vitamins E and B5.
12. Remember that you can apply pigments only on cured products, never directly on the nail plate.
13. If you accidentally spill gel polish on the cuticles or are not satisfied with the effect, do not cure it in the lamp. Simply remove it with a cotton pad soaked in Nail Cleaner and start again.
14. During the application of gel polish, use the thumb or an adjacent finger to lift the skin around the nails, and use a Multitool 2in1 brush for precise work around the cuticles.
15. Use Fiber Base to enhance neon and pastel colours, bringing out their full beauty.
16. Peeling Care for hands contains a rich formula with active ingredients that gently exfoliate the skin while providing care. It also improves circulation and facilitates better absorption of subsequent cosmetics.
17. Bubbles on the surface of the polish are just air trapped in the product. If the polish has not yet cured, you can remove them by gently brushing them away with a brush or piercing them with a thin nail art brush.
18. To get rid of any air bubbles in gel polish, simply unscrew the cap and leave the bottle open overnight. The air will escape from the product during that time.
19. After finishing your manicure, dip the nail art brush into the top coat to clean it. Then, wipe it on a dry cotton pad, being careful not to twist the bristles. If the product has already hardened on the bristles, clean it with a cleaner, and use sharp scissors to cut any damaged bristles precisely.
20. Use slim forms for extending nails with an almond or oval shape, and wide forms for square-shaped nails.
21. Avoid shaking the polish bottle before use, as it may lead to excessive air exposure. Instead, gently roll the bottle between your hands to mix the polish.
22. Did you know that the Dream Long reinforcing base with a high concentration of fibrous materials and vitamin E is designed for those dreaming of long and strong nails? It also protects nails from biting and allows for extension and building.
23. The Protect & Care nail conditioner creates an invisible protective shield around the nail plate, protecting it from breakage and microdamage. You don't have to worry about the condition and appearance of your nails!
24. The Beauty Care vegan conditioner ensures healthy and beautiful-looking nails while improving their condition. It also creates a shiny and hard layer on the surface of the nails.
25. Did you know that Extend Care 5in1 polishes feature a new innovative formula that cares for your nails? They are an alternative to gel and can be used to easily build and extend nails.
26. Gel polish can be removed using acetone or remover. Remover, in addition to pure acetone, also contains moisturising lanolin.
27. The grit on a file indicates its coarseness, specifically how many fine grains are on 1 square centimetre of the tool. The larger the file grit, the gentler it is.
28. To speed up the removal of gel polish with acetone, matte the top coat surface before applying Semilac Wraps. This will help the acetone penetrate the structure of the polish.
29. Remember that one side of the file is smoother (with a logo), while the other side is coarser.

Tips for advanced users:

1. To properly protect the natural nail's free edge while shaping, use a file with a grit between 180 and 220. This will prevent the layers of the nail plate from splitting and make the gel manicure more durable.
2. To level the base, such as Semilac Fiber Base, after applying it to the nail plate, turn your hand palm up. Gravity will help distribute the product evenly.
3. If the building gel requires the application of a base, apply it as a small drop on the nail surface and then rub it in with a gel brush. Less product is better.
4. Keep in mind that "no wipe" products are significantly harder than those with dispersion, so when you don't have reinforced nails with a base, it's advisable to use products that leave a sticky layer after curing.
5. Don't forget to dust off the excess dust from the nail surface by directing the brush upwards - this will lift the cuticles and leave them perfectly clean.
6. Remember that the nail form for extensions should be an extension of the nail itself. The form should not protrude anywhere when connected with the free edge (no gaps).
7. Shimmer Stone collection polishes have a "HEMA FREE" formula, designed for people particularly sensitive to HEMA ingredients.
8. When working with the Mini Pen electric file, remove gel polish at 20 - 30 thousand revolutions per minute, and work on the cuticles at 10-20 thousand revolutions per minute.