Semilac 388 Sunny Lemon UV Gel Polish 7ml

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You appear and disappear like a lightning bolt! You’re everywhere, you do everything. It’s impossible to pass you unnoticed. Emphasise your energy with a nail polish in a warm shade of bleached Sunny Lemon. With such eye-catching nails, you can’t get bored – just like with your best friend!


With our Soulmate Mix collection, you can also bring some sunny mixes into your nail looks. Combine various polish colours on your nails to create colourful mixes that show your authentic self!

Shade - Yellow
Collection - Soulmate Mix
Finish - Classic
Coverage - Semi-transparent
Size - 7ml

UV LED Lamp 12W - 60 sec
UV LED Lamp 24W/36W - 30 sec
UV LED Lamp 24W/48W - 30 sec
UV LED Diamond Lamp 24W/48W - 30 sec
UV LED Diamond Lamp 36W/54W - 30 sec

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