Semilac Acetone 1000 ml



Semilac cosmetic acetone is a high-quality liquid for removing hybrid gel polish. It will come in handy when your gel polish manicure needs to be removed. Importantly, cosmetic acetone will not get rid of hybrid gel polish in the same way as you can wash off a classic nail varnish with an ordinary remover. In order for cosmetic acetone to effectively remove Semilac hybrid gel polish, you must follow certain rules.

To begin with, you will need a few necessary products to remove the manicure. Apart from acetone, you should also have:

- Buffer or a nail file with a gradation of 180/240
- Remover Wraps
- Pusher or a wooden stick

First, you need to gently file the top layer with a buffer or a nail file.

In the next step, the cotton pad in the remover wrap should be soaked in acetone.

After soaking the cotton pad, you need to wrap each nail with foil. Then leave the nails wrapped in foil for about 10-15 minutes.

After this time, unfold the foils and proceed to remove the remains of the gel polish with a pusher or wooden stick.

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