Semilac Acrylgel Nail Form Pointed 120 Pcs.

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1. Prepare your nails.
2. Match the form to your natural nail (it should be slightly larger than your natural nail)
3. Make a lotion with your favorite Semilac base and cure it in the lamp
4. Apply the appropriate amount of your favorite Semilac Elastic Acrylgel to the inner (concave) side of the form, depending on the desired length.
5. Spread Elastic Acrylgel using a Semilac Basic Gel Flat brush moistened with Semilac Acrylic Liquid
6. Place the form carefully on the nail plate and press very gently. (the form should adhere well to the nail, maintaining a slight distance from the cuticles)
7. Smooth the bottom of the form with Semilac Basic Gel
Flat brush.
8. Cure in the UV/LED lamp
9. After removing it from the lamp, remove the mold by moving it sideways.
10. Prepare the nail using a file or Semilac nail drill bit 010, also paying attention to its inner part.
11. Apply your favorite SEMILAC colour and cover the entire styling with your favorite SEMILAC top.

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