Semilac "Banana" 100/180 Nail File

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A file with a specially bent shape allows you to reach hard-to-reach places near the edges of the nail. Its purpose is to facilitate modeling and eliminate cuticle damage. The 100/180 gradation file is a medium-grained file. It has a fine-grained side - 180 and a medium-grained side - 100. Perfect for everyday nail treatment and finishing gel nails; the rounded shape will allow you to easily refine the gel or acrylic mass.

The latest Semilac Quality nail file is a guarantee of the highest quality. Made of innovative Japanese material, it allows you to work for many weeks. Thanks to the new technology of the inserts, the file is stable, and the latest six-galvanized abrasive material will ensure long-lasting sharpness even with very frequent use.

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