Semilac Care Nail & Cuticle Oil Flower Essence Violet Energy



Supporting regeneration, cuticle and nail oil with Japanese cherry extract. It contains nutrients that moisturise the cuticles around the nails. Oil supports protection against the harmful effects of external factors and prevents drying of the cuticles through long-lasting hydration.

The flowers in the bottle are cornflower petals.

Active ingredients:

  • biologically active silicones that support the nail restructuring processes.
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Extract
  • birch leaf and bark extract
  • sunflower seed oil
  • rosemary extract
Shake the ingredients well before use. For a precise interpenetration of the phases, it is best to turn the bottle upside down and wait a few seconds. Apply directly to the nail and its surroundings, massage gently until completely absorbed.

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