Semilac Electric Nail Drill E-file Mini Pen 12W

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Please remember!

  1. The drill bit should not protrude too far, because this may cause the handpiece to vibrate and make excessive noise. The bit should not be placed too deep in the handpiece either, as pushing it too far may damage the handpiece’s mechanism. The distance between the edge of the handpiece and the lower edge of the bit head is approx. 5–10 mm.
  2. Ensure that you clean the handpiece effectively and thoroughly. Lack of effective airflow results in rapid heating of the nail drill’s handpiece. Remember to clean the handpiece regularly (at least once every two weeks) disassemble and clean the handle from any dirt.
  3. Remember to keep the entire electric file clean and remove all dust after each use.

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Main features of the milling machine:
- An easy solution for quick and safe removal of gel polish, gel, and acrylic products.
- Ultralight.
- Efficient and quiet operation without vibrations.
- Perfect for removing manicure yourself.
- Digital display of rotation speed.
- Unique magenta colour.
- Simple drill bit exchange system.
- Smooth speed control up to 30,000 RPM.
- Compact dimensions.
- Charging via any USB socket.
- The length of the power cord is approximately 123 cm, ensuring comfortable work without restrictions.
- Hand piece: 140-200gcm = 1.4-2Ncm
- Motor type: brush

The kit includes:
- Handpiece with 1x drill bit holder
- USB cable
- 1x user manual

Please note: drill bits are not included.
The drill comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Mini Pen nail drill from Semilac is an easy solution for quick and safe removal of gel polish manicure, gel and acrylic products. It is a high-quality compact manicure device, thanks to which you can easily work on cuticle area, prepare the nail plate, and remove gel polish, gel and acrylic gel manicure. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, you can make a manicure anywhere and anytime. A simple way to charge using any USB socket and an intuitive way of using it will make it easier to work in conditions convenient for you, both in your home living room or during a trip with friends. The Mini Pen nail drill is enough to connect to any USB power socket, turn it on using the R / F button, which is indicating the direction of rotation, and use the knob to smoothly set the speed of the device. The high-class device, despite its small size, guarantees smooth speed control up to 30,000 RPM and the comfort of quiet, vibration-free operation. The Mini Pen nail drill is a perfect solution for people starting their adventure with gel polish manicure.

Dimensions: 147 mm, Ø 23 mm
Net weight: 0.15 kg
Rotation speed: 30,000 RPM
Input voltage: 220 VAC
Output voltage: DC 5V 2A
Power: 12W (max)

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