Semilac Drill Bit - Carbide Sharp 011



Professional carbide bit has a very long durability and therefore maintains its properties for a long period. Thanks to the specific shape of the cuts, this drill bit can do the following with ease:

- Remove 100% of the dry skin on the nail plate in a completely non-invasive way - leaving no trace of activity on the nail plate, making work cleaner - and thus faster.

- Perfectly remove dead skin and imperfections on the proximal and lateral folds at the lowest possible speed (1- 5,000 revolutions). Thanks to this work are absolutely non-invasive.

- Easily remove dry skin from the nail at a super-fast pace: 10-20 seconds per nail.

- Reduce working time thanks to dual movement on both sides.

The carbide sharp bit with its sharp and thin ending makes it ideally suited to a combined manicure as well as a deep gel manicure.

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