Semilac Nail Transfer Foil Pink Marble 11



Pink Marble foil is a spring version of the beloved marble effect closed in a transfer foil. The combination of pastel pink, shades of the sun, and white is the quintessence of the upcoming spring outside the windows and on your nails!

Transfer foil with pink marbling effect can be applied to the entire nail or used to create patterns of a specific shape - choose what you prefer. Make a simple decoration with Nail transfer foil Pink Marble on one nail in the company of nude shades to add a touch of colour to the look. If you like to experiment with the depth of marble, you can combine it with juicy shades of orange from our offer - Pink Marble appreciates a colorful company.

The Semilac transfer foil will work in the hybrid and gel method. To apply it, we recommend using Semilac Transfer Foil Glue, but the foil can also be glued to the hardened layer of hybrid varnish or a classic top (with a dispersion layer).

The amount of adhesive applied, the curing time and the hardness of the film have a significant impact on the reflection of the transfer foil. Do not apply too much glue, as the glue will wrinkle during curing, it will not cure properly. In the case of harder foil, a shorter hardening time should be used - then the adhesive's stickiness is greater. For example, in a 24W / 48 lamp in the 24W mode, the curing time will be 30s. When applying on the hardened glue, the foil itself should be pressed firmly and torn off the nail with a vigorous movement.

Foil dimensions:
4 x 80 cm

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