Semilac Nail Transfer Foil Red 04



Semilac Transfer Foil is a special, colourful foil designed for decorating nails. It's a way for a quick, easy and effective manicure with a beautiful, metallic effect.

Semilac transfer foil can be applied to the entire nail or create shiny patterns with it - choose what you prefer.

You don't have much time for a new manicure, and after some time you have to leave? Reach for the foil! What to connect the red transfer film with? The best companion for red will be gold, black and white. The metallic glow of the foil will complement the manicure with a stronger accent and make the whole stylization take on a different expression. Such connections will be perfect for any special occasion.

Semilac transfer foil will work in the hybrid and gel methods. To apply it, we recommend using Semilac Transfer Foil Glue, but the film can also be glued onto a hardened layer of hybrid varnish or a classic top.

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