Semilac Compact Electric Nail Drill E- file 24W

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Please remember!

  1. The drill bit should not protrude too far, because this may cause the handpiece to vibrate and make excessive noise. The bit should not be placed too deep in the handpiece either, as pushing it too far may damage the handpiece’s mechanism. The distance between the edge of the handpiece and the lower edge of the bit head is approx. 5–10 mm.
  2. Ensure that you clean the handpiece effectively and thoroughly. Lack of effective airflow results in rapid heating of the nail drill’s handpiece. Remember to clean the handpiece regularly (at least once every two weeks) disassemble and clean the handle from any dirt.
  3. Remember to keep the entire electric file clean and remove all dust after each use.

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Professional Products for Quality Manicures

This ultimate electric drill for manicure is the best way to prepare your cuticles and nail plate for gel polish! ​Semilac Professional Nail Drill is perfect for both beginners and nail technicians, whether you’re painting nails at the spa, beauty parlour, or even for personal use at home!
Featuring a lightweight handpiece that is safe and easy to use, this handy home drill machine is the perfect addition to your home gel nail salon. Its ergonomic design also makes it comfortable to use on yourself and the whole family, and won’t hurt your wrists!
The Semilac drill machine is equipped with 30,000 RPM that shapes and prepares nails for your gel manicure, which is user-friendly and won’t cause discomfort. Create salon-style gel nails at home!

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Semilac Nail Drill Machine (24W)
User Manual

Please note: drill bits are not included.
The drill comes with a 12-month warranty.

​The Semilac e-file is a professional device to prepare your nail plate, cuticles and also to remove hybrid or gel manicures. Here’s our guide on how to use the e-file safely and correctly:
1. Connect the power supply cable to the e-file.
2. Next, connect the handle to the e-file. Insert the drill bit into the slot of the handpiece and turn the centre of the handle to secure it, stabilise and hold the handle at the desired height.
3. Connect the nail drill to the power supply. Press the ON / OFF button and use the knob to select the appropriate speed of rotation. To change the direction of rotation of the e-file, switch the FWD / REV button.
4. Now the e-file is ready for use! Remember that the drill bit should not be held perpendicular to the nail when performing the treatment to ensure your safety as you craft your gel nails at home.

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