Semilac Set of Filters for Dust Collector 5pcs



A set of 5 replaceable Semilac filters to absorb dust during the manicure. Reusable filters are dedicated to 2in1 No Dust Nail Drill with Dust Collector.

Main features of filters:

  • Filter diameter: 17 cm
  • Reusable
  • Easy way to clean
  • Simple way to replace the filter in the Semilac 2in1 No Dust Nail Drill with Dust Collector.
  • Filters are made of non-woven fabric.

• Make sure the device is turned off and then lift the top cover of the filter with holes.
• Pull on the fabric tab to remove the entire filter.
• Insert a new filter, then reattach the filter cover.

• Disconnect the power supply when the cosmetic dust collector is not in use.
• If the filter cover is removed without disconnecting the power supply first, the device will stop working and enter safe mode; the corresponding mode LED will flash. After replacing the filter and reattaching the filter cover, the unit will resume operation.
• The filter is of the replaceable type; it should be replaced after 2-3 months of use or immediately in case of damage. For the device to work properly, it is necessary to clean the filter frequently, preferably after each manicure. After processing the plate, remove the collected dust, e.g. by blowing the filter with compressed air or by shaking it out.
• The filters must not get wet or wet with anything.

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