Semilac Top Coat No Wipe Blinking Copper & Gold Flakes T13 UV Gel 7ml



Top No Wipe Blinking Cooper & Gold Flakes is a home remedy for a simple variation of your favorite manicure. In the proven No Wipe formula that does not require wiping, we have embedded thousands of sparkling flakes of various sizes in the noble colors of gold and copper. The use of a top to finish a bright manicure- it will add shine to it in the form of a jewelery effect flickering in the light, used in dark-colored manicure will bring out the noble colors of copper and gold in the design, easily changing your nails.

It provides the durability of gel manicures for up to 21 days.

This product is dermatologically tested.

UV LED 3 W lamp - 3 x 60 sec.
UV LED 6 W lamp - 2 x 45 sec.
UV LED 9 W lamp - 60 sec
24W UV LED lamp - 30 sec
36W UV LED lamp - 30 sec
UV LED 48/24 W lamp - 30 sec
36 W UV lamp - 120 sec.

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