Semilac Top Mat Total UV Gel Polish 7 ml



The latest Semilac Top Mat Total perfectly fixes the colour and gives the manicure a matte finish. It creates an "suede" surface that is interesting to the eye and pleasant to the touch, which is free from all types of streaks and gloss. In order to achieve the best results, we recommend applying particularly thin layers of the product.

Mix the product thoroughly before each use.

It provides the durability of gel manicure up to 21 days.

This product is dermatologically tested.

Apply a thin layer of Semilac Top Mat Total to the cured layer Semilac Colour, and then cure using a UV lamp or UV LED. Finally, wash the dispersion layer.

UV LED 6 W lamp - 4 x 45 sec.
36W UV LED lamp - 30 sec
36 W UV lamp - 120 sec.

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