Semilac Top Coat No Wipe Real Colour UV Gel Polish 7 ml



Semilac Top Coat No Wipe Real Colour - a new top without a dispersion layer that perfectly consolidates the gel polish manicure. The top is neutral to colors - it does not change the colour of gel polish, surrounding the nails with a beautiful and long-lasting gloss. The product does not require cleansing and has a slightly less consistency than Semilac Top No Wipe, which makes it more efficient.

Thanks to the lack of a dispersion layer on Top Coat No Wipe Real Colour, you can immediately apply Semiflash Mirror Metallic and Semiflash Chameleon powders.

Mix the product thoroughly before each use.

It doesn't change the shade - no more blue glow on your favorite colors!
Exceptional durability and shine
No dispersion layer - no need to wash the product

It provides the durability of gel manicure up to 21 days.

This product is dermatologically tested.

We apply Semilac Top No Wipe Real Colour onto a properly cured layer of any Semilac gel polish. Apply a thin layer of the product, which we always cure in an LED or UV lamp. Semilac Top No Wipe Real Colour does not have a dispersion layer so it does not require cleansing.

UV LED 9 W lamp - 2 x 60 sec
24W UV LED lamp - 60 sec
36W UV LED lamp - 30 sec
UV LED 48/24 W lamp - 30 sec
36 W UV lamp - 120 sec.

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