Semilac UV LED Lamp 48/24W



Whether you’re painting nails for fun or doing it professionally, curing your nails has never been this easy! Our next-generation UV LED Lamp is made so you can paint gel nails at home without the fuss!
Featuring two types of light and dual-power mode controlled by you, this powerful 48W lamp has both 5, 30 and 60-second curing modes to speed up your work. Its ergonomic design is comfortable to use with high-quality fans to ensure optimum cooling, plus a detachable bottom for easy cleaning!
With a lifetime of 30,000+ hours, our UV LED lamp for nails is built to last for the years ahead. No more bulb replacements – phew!

What’s In The Box?

● 3 Curing Modes (5, 30, and 60 Seconds)
● Automatic Motion Sensor
● 30 Energy-Saving LED Lights, Cooling Fan & Detachable Bottom
● 30,000+ Hours LifeTime
● Lamp Dimensions: ​L:​15cm, ​W​: 19cm, ​H​: 8.5cm
● Ergonomic Design
● 12 months warranty.

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