5 secrets to help protect your nails this winter

Winter. It might look pretty, with icy mornings and twinkling fairy lights everywhere, but the reality for our nails is harsh.

We’ll bet you’ve already started to feel the effects of the drop in temperature, nibbled at those annoying hangnails that have appeared and started to despair at where your beautiful, strong summer nails have vanished to. Sound about right?

Well don’t fret. Yes, the change in the seasons brings challenges for our nail health - exposure to the elements and moving between hot and cold environments are just a few of the factors guilty of drying out our nails, causing splitting and damage - but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it!

The team here at Semilac Shop are here to help and – armed with a few of our best nail care secrets – we guarantee, the only flakes you’ll be seeing this winter will be of the snow variety.


So, how do I look after my nails in winter?


  1. Cuticle care

Looking after your cuticles is always important but it’s especially so during winter when nails are sapped of their moisture.


Try to take time every evening to gently massage in a cuticle oil – our Semilac almond oil and cuticle serum is great for this. The sweet almond oil allows for intense hydration, softening the cuticle and conditioning the skin around the nails to prevent drying and peeling. Bedtime is ideal for applying oil as your nails have all night to absorb the full benefits. But, thanks to its convenient pen shaped design, this product is a fab handbag staple too, for a quick top up on the go.


  1. Keep nails painted

How often have you been told that constantly covering your nail with polish is bad for them, they need to breathe? Well it’s a myth! Nails need moisture, not air, and get everything they need to stay healthy from our blood stream. So regular painting causes no problems whatsoever.


Not only does this news give you free rein for fabulous nails all year round, it’s also worth noting that it’s particularly important to paint your nails in winter. Why so? Because the gel polish actually acts as a defence barrier, fending off the harsh elements and protecting your nails. Sounds like a great reason to stock up on some new winter gel polish shades to us!


  1. Moisturise

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. We can’t stress this one enough. Dry hands and nails are the enemy, as it’s this lack of moisture that causes your nails to split and break.


Make moisturising part of your daily routine and keep little bottles (we love Semilac canola defence hand cream) stashed in convenient places such as your bag, the car and your desk at work, so there’s always some close to hand.


  1. Wrap up warm

Now we don’t want to sound like your mum, but you should always wear your gloves. Ok, so not doing so won’t mean you’ll catch a cold - but it will wreak havoc with your nails!


Covering your hands with gloves is a great way to protect them. And we don’t just mean woolly ones. Rubber gloves are highly recommended for dishwashing and housework too, to ensure you don’t expose your hands to harsh conditions, chemicals or too much water.  


  1. Go short

Don’t panic! We don’t mean you need to chop your nails right down but opting for slightly shorter nails during the winter months can help to maintain their strength and avoid breakages.


You’ll be battling with gloves, scarves, zips and fluffy jumpers, so to avoid snagging, it’s a safer bet to keep nails a touch shorter. And always keep a nail file handy for any filing emergencies and to avoid further damage – check out our recent blog ‘How to choose the right nail file’, for more help with this.  

Stock up

Ready to get your winter nail defences in place? Browse our extensive range of gel polish and get stocked up with warming winter shades today. Ordering is quick and easy. Simply browse our exciting range of colours, oils and hand creams, add your chosen products to basket and check out. Don’t forget, if you spend over £45 you’ll qualify for free next day UK delivery.

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