New Spider Gel Colours

With weather getting colder and we slowly approach winter, warm and cosy shades of gel polish become more and more popular. If you are looking for product that is easy to work with and that makes nail art simple and fun - Semilac Spider Gum is for you! 


But now, let's have a look at new colours for this season!

Semilac Spider Gum Milk Chocolate

Soft brown shade resembling milk chocolate

Semilac Spider Gum White Chocolate

Milky, warm white shade

When it comes to spider gel designs, your options are limitless. You can create various patterns - anything from simple lines to complex geometric shapes. All you need is your favourite spider gel and dotting tool, and the rest is your imagination.

 We hope that you are as exited about new Spider Gel colours as we are. Create stunning nail art designs with these products and tag us on your social media. And most importantly have fun with it!