9 stylish nail trends you'll see in 2021

A new year always heralds the start of new fads. Beauty crazes, fashion shifts, hairstyles, and our favourite – nails trends.

The good news is, that whilst clothes shopping is currently only possible online - and it’s definitely not advisable to start wielding a part of scissors and cutting your own hair - you can have a go at styling your own nails. Not only is it a fun and therapeutic way to pass the time, but with a little bit of practice, they can look great too!

Keen to have a go? Here at Semilac Shop we have everything you need for fabulous looking nails. The only question is, what design should try out first?


Top nail trends for 2021

Only a few months in and 2021 already looks set to be an exciting year for nails. After 12 months of being forced to think outside of the box and devise new ways of doing things, it looks like we’re applying the same school of thought to our nails.

Read on to discover some of the most popular nail trends you need to try in 2021…


  1. The 2021 twist on the French mani

Switch out the usual white tips synonymous with a French manicure for a more colourful option. Think neon brights, brooding darks or how about a spot of shimmering gold? Anything goes and it’s a chance to add you own unique twist to a popular classic.


  1. Safari nails

Animal prints are always a favourite and this year they’re featuring on nails too. You’ll need a nail art brush – and a little bit of patience – but with practice you could soon be sporting the fashionable zebra or leopard look too.


  1. Multi-coloured

Why pick one colour when you could have 10? The trend of painting individual nails different colours started to emerge last year and looks set to stay in 2021. 


  1. Multi-designs

After so much sacrifice during the last 12 months it seems we’re refusing to narrow our choice of nail art designs in 2021. So this year don’t be surprised to see all manner of styles - on the same hand! Flowers on one nail, animal print on the next, then graphics…you get the idea. The only general rule surrounding this craze, is that it’s advised to keep the tones similar for a more sophisticated overall look.


     5.  Confetti manicure

Missed out on wedding fun last year? Then get your nails ready and raring for 2021. Paint your nails a neutral colour, pick out a few shades (maybe to match your outfit) and use a dotting tool to create confetti-like specks over the surface of your nails.


  1. Make a statement

Express yourself through your nails. Nails have become the new art canvas and are a great way to showcase your personality. From graffiti like prints, wording, to detailed paintings, they’re your nails and you’re free to get creative.


  1. Mellow yellow

In fact, any yellow! Not only is it the perfect choice for spring – it’s the colour of the year according to fashion experts from all corners of the design world. So, whether you’re painting your nails or painting your home, yellow is one colour trend set to feature highly this year.


  1. Shorties

If you struggle to grow your nails, then 2021 is the year for you. With short nails making a comeback in a bid to keep things low maintenance but looking great, opt for an oval shape to elongate the nail and give the impression of length even though there isn’t any.


  1. Matchy matchy

Face masks aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon, so let’s have some fun with them! Try matching the colour or design of your nails to match your mask – nothing says 2021 quite like it!


Get all the latest looks with Semilac Shop

The key vibe coming from 2021 nail styles is that anything goes. So, grab your nail art tools, a few bottles of your favourite gel nail polish colour, and start experimenting!

Here at the Semilac Shop, we have everything you need to create all the hottest nails trends of 2021. Shop the range now or if you’d like to chat to a member of the team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.