Bad nail habits you need to kick!

Feeling a bit stressed out? Lockdown getting you down? Even without the additional worry that’s heaped on everyone’s shoulders at the moment, our nails have a tough ride. No matter how well you think you’re looking after them, it can be easy to fall into bad habits and chances are you could be damaging your nails without even realising it.

Now we don’t like to show off (well maybe just a little bit) but at Semilac Shop, what we don’t know about nails and nailcare, probably isn’t worth knowing. So, here we take a look at some of the most common bad nail habits and share tips on how to avoid them.


7 habits to break

#1 - Biting your nails

Come on, anxious or not, biting nails isn’t a good look. Not only is it really unhygienic (especially at the moment!), it’s also an unattractive habit and is terrible for your nails.

If stealing a quick bite is a nervous response, try using an alternative such as a few relaxing breathing exercises instead or busying your hands (and your mind) with something else. If your naughty nibbles are more about a quick fix for a catching nail, then try to make sure you always have a trusty nail file to hand. Buy a few and keep one in your handbag, your desk drawer, the car etc, so there’s never a need to resort to biting.  


#2 - Picking your cuticles

Another nervous habit is picking cuticles. This is a really bad idea. Not only can it make them sore, but it can also cause infections and prompts them to grow back thicker, which just perpetuates the problem.

Instead, apply cuticle oil to keep them soft and supple and, if needs must, carefully use a cuticle nipper to gently remove unwieldly growth. 


#3 - Going dry

And we’re not talking dry January (did anyone even do that this year anyway?!)  - we’re talking dry nails. If you remove colour carefully and use a quality gel polish, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’re doing everything right. You are - but to prevent things going wrong further down the line it’s a good idea to build hand and nail cream into your daily routine. Keeping the moisture levels topped up is important to prevent dry, weakened nails that break easily.


#4 - Filing in the wrong direction

Do you file back and forth when you’re shaping your nails? Stop! This is a really important habit to break. Instead try using long, light sweeping strokes that all follow the same direction. This minimises the friction and helps to prevent splitting and damage.

Don’t forget, not all nail files are the same. Read our blog ‘How to choose the right nail file’, to find out more and make sure you’re using the right one.


#5 - Eating the wrong diet

It’s not just external forces that are at play with your nails. What you eat has a direct impact too.

Nails thrive on a diet rich in foods such as eggs, salmon and green veg. But if you’re a biscuit lover, don’t worry - you can cheat! Ensure your nails are getting everything they need by topping up your nutrients with a daily vitamin supplement – look for ones containing zinc, vitamin E and Biotin.


#6 - Shaking your nail polish

We’ll bet you’re guilty of this. Hands up if, once you’ve chosen your nail colour, you pick out the bottle and give it a good shake before painting? Argh, well don’t!! All this does is create air bubbles in the polish, which will then stick to your nails and ruin the look of your manicure. Instead, gently roll the bottle back and forth between your hands. This will have the same effect of making sure the gel polish is thoroughly mixed but won’t cause the problems of overzealous shaking.


#7 – Baring all

Luckily the worst of the cold weather is behind us but if there is a chill in the air then remember to cover up and put on gloves to prevent your hands and nails from drying out. It’s also worth wearing gloves for tasks such as cleaning the dishes or housework, as they protect your nails and prolong the life of your manicure.



Start protecting your nails today!

Always using quality products is one of the best ways to ensure you’re looking after your nails. And, at Semilac Shop, we not only have a fantastic selection of nail colours and accessories for you to choose from, we also have a Semilac Care range – specially designed to help you look after your nails and keep them looking fabulous.

Shop the collection now and look forward to even more beautiful nails. Alternatively, for further information or advice on nail care, or any of our Semilac products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. Fill in our contact form or call us on 01636 707727. We’re always on hand and ready to help.